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Meet Jamaal

My name is Jamaal D. Lathan and I am a Houston based photographer. I am a storyteller who is passionate about telling your story using both a creative and photojournalistic perspective.

   I want to capture the moments that make your heart sing. My goal is to showcase every individual’s personality and beauty through my lens. Attention to detail leads to perfection in every shot and brings your story to life.  My keen shooting style can be utilized for weddings, high fashion model sessions, family portraits, graduations and other memorable events.  

   I’m passionate about creating images that are authentic, candid and fresh. I photograph for the connections I make with my clients giving them room to express themselves and bring their visions to life.

  I am passionate about documenting moments and creating great storytelling with a series of stunning images. Thanks for stopping by and checking out my work.  I look forward to creating with you soon!     

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